• I have been seeing you for the past 15 years, and all I can say is I have never felt better about the health of my mouth , teeth and gums. You work together effortlessly as a team, and have always put your patients care uppermost in priority order.

    Janet Mclean
  • I can’t thank you enough for seeing me in my hour of need. Toothache is long forgotten, and I am back on the road, without having to think of what I can and cant eat.

    Kane Thompson
    Sales Manager
  • It was my worst nightmare, my child falling on the playground. I have to say I was never more relieved to speak with you and have treatment done at your clinic. She is happy to come back now anytime, and you have put her at ease about visiting the dentist regularly. Your staff were so helpful at the time, and their reassuring words were very soothing for my nerves.

    Fiona Davies
    Team Leader